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Fast Car Buying Company in Dubai is set up as a quick car buying company with the goal to provide an efficient and smooth experience to you when you choose us to sell your car online. We aim to simplify the selling process by allowing our customers to complete the deal in less than 20 minutes.

Our method of operation is safe, easy and convenient. We function by buying used cars from customers in the UAE and offer a competitive price for the vehicle. This eliminates the pain of having to deal with middlemen or private buyers who take up your time, money, and energy.

Reasons we’re the easiest alternative to sell your car are:

  • Full payment on the spot

If you’re selling your car to use the money for another purpose then standard dealers or private buyers will delay with payments which can be frustrating and time consuming. We however, will offer you the full amount for your car in cash (or by any other method you wish) so you have the funds ready to use for other pressing matters.

  • You can sell your car in 30 minutes

With us you can bypass all the time consuming activities it takes to sell a car with private buyers or through other dealers. You will experience a fast sale as we value your time and busy schedule.

  • We handle all paperwork

You won't have to fill a lot of paperwork when you deal with us. We will handle all the legal formalities, paperwork, and ownership transfer of your car with the RTA. All you need to do is sign the sales agreement/contract that will have our details and this will act as a legal document for us to transfer the ownership on your behalf. This way you can leave the running around to us and you can carry on with your schedule.

  • Free inspection and valuation is included

All our customers can avail a free inspection and car valuation so you will know, “What is my car worth?” Once you make your appointment and visit us we conduct a free car inspection and present you with an offer. There is no obligation for you to sell your car if you don’t find our quote within your range.

  • Purchase cars in any condition

We as a car buying company don't care about the condition of your car. We offer to purchase any car in any condition that is brought to us. If you have a very old car, of even if your car is scrap or doesn’t start we will make you an offer taking into account the car’s current condition and will buy it from you on the same day.

If you have any debts and want to sell your car to clear your debts, we can help you sell it off so you can use the money to clear your personal debts even if your car is under finance too.

We offer great and easy solutions compared to any dealer, so book your appointment and visit us for a stress free experience.

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