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When you have decided to sell your used car in Dubai, it can be a long process of finding the right individual. If you chose to advertise privately, you will have to advertise your car online and reschedule your day numerous times according to the potential buyer’s schedule in order to make a sale. This usually takes weeks and sometimes months to complete the deal. Additionally, the buyer may not pay cash and could have different modes of payment such as bank transfer or cheque which may not be safe if you are dealing with a dishonest people.

However, is a car buying company in Dubai that purchases vehicles on the spot in 30 minutes and pays you by bank transfer or cash in hand. We are a registered company authorized by the Dubai Economic Department and the Road Traffic Authority (RTA) and provide receipts and sale records for your piece of mind. We take care of all the paperwork and transfer details and we purchase vehicles in any condition. This reduces your time and energy and at the same time you can walk away with cash.

Below are a few benefits of selling your car to us

  • Sell your car in under 30 minutes

You may have the need to sell your car for various reasons due to which you would require cash instantly. If the sale is delayed by putting ads in classifieds and attending to numerous phone calls, it can be very time consuming. Therefore, understanding the needs of our customers, we aim to buy any car quickly, thereby giving you peace of mind.

  • Instant Payment

Unlike private sale that takes time, we offer to purchase your vehicle for instant cash in hand on the spot or instant bank transfer. We process the bank transfer at the time of sale and will provide you with a confirmation email as well so you know your money is on the way.

  • Free car valuation and car inspection

You can get an indication of your car price by valuating it online on our website. All you need to do is enter your details on our website and you will receive a quote within a few seconds. You can then proceed to book your appointment.

When you visit our location we will inspect your car, for which there will be no charge. If you find the price suitable for you, you can then sell your car to us.

  • Save time by selling your car to us

When you want to sell your car you will have to take time to put ads in classifieds, constantly answer phone calls from individuals to discuss price and make many changes to your daily schedule. We allow you to skip all these time wasting activities by providing you with a one-stop solution to sell your car on the spot in 30 minutes.

  • Sell your car in any condition to us

We will buy any car make and model, irrespective of its condition. If your car is a non-starter or a very old model, we will still offer you a price upon inspection.

  • Minimal Paperwork

There is very little paperwork involved for you to sell your car to us. All you need to do is sign the sales contract/agreement and we will handle the paperwork and RTA transfer of your car. You will not be required to visit the RTA with us to transfer ownership.

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