How To Sell My Car Fast in Dubai | Sell My Car Easily

Selling Your Car in Dubai Now Made Easy

If you’re wondering, “Where can I sell my car in Dubai” you’ve come to the right place. At, we help you sell your car in 3 simple steps

  • Check your inspection and car valuation on our website
  • Book your appointment and visit our location
  • Walk away with cash in hand or bank after completing the sale

Selling a new or used car in Dubai can be a tiresome, long and frustrating process with no guarantee of a sale privately. Here is where we come in. Our process is fast and straightforward thereby allowing our customers to sell their cars in 30 minutes for instant upfront payment in full.

Below are a few reasons by which we make car selling in Dubai so simple

  • Know UAE regulations of selling a car in Dubai

When its time to sell your car in UAE, there are many legal stumbling blocks that prevent you from experiencing a smooth sale. You are not allowed to wash your car on the street, nor advertise it on roads, nor are you allowed to put contact numbers or signs inside the car for people to call you. These along with the long process of selling to an individual make it all the more tiring to sell your car quickly.

We assist you with overcoming all these legal complications by agreeing to buy your car on the spot in the condition that it is in, thereby allowing you a smooth sales process.

  • Outstanding Finance can be a problem

If you have any outstanding bank loan or mortgage attached to your car then it becomes all the more difficult to sell it privately as an individual buyer may not be willing to cover the outstanding amount without any security in return. It is also illegal to sell any car in UAE that has a loan or mortgage amount attached to it if it currently belongs to the bank. When you clear the loan amount you will have to inform the bank, which in turn will update the RTA records. This takes time and a lot of running around.

The process is also prone to fraudulent dealings by the seller, therefore private buyers are increasingly being put off by buying cars under finance.

We can assist you in jumping over these legal hurdles by purchasing your car even if it still is under bank finance. We will help you settle the outstanding amount and assure you of a fast sale and transfer of ownership. We will also save you the time and money of going through RTA testing by handling it ourselves.

  • We handle all legal procedures

There are many legal procedures that you will have to go through when you sell your car to a private buyer. There is a lot of running around to do including speaking with the buyer, taking the car for testing, going to the bank to clear the bank loan (if your car is under bank finance at the time of sale) and arranging for payment to be collected.

We can cover this whole process in 30 minutes by offering you a one-stop purchase guarantee on any vehicle along with offering you instant cash when the deal is completed. If you’re looking to sell your car from one emirate to another, we could also assist you in this process and take care of all the legal formalities and complicated procedures exporting your car may entail.

  • How does selling your car work

Going through the above points we can help you save time and energy by making the whole sale process fast and easy. We have a sales contract/agreement that we would require you to sign at the time of selling your car.  This agreement helps us to legally transfer the ownership without you having to be present at RTA.

This frees you from all the hassles you will face by selling your car to a private buyer.

  • A better sales experience

With us you are guaranteed

  • Quick and simple sales process
  • Purchase of any car in any condition
  • Instant payment in cash or any other method suitable to you
  • Free valuation and car inspection
  • Fair competitive market price for your car
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