How To Sell A Car In Dubai

Conducting a Car Sale in Dubai

We at are a professional car buying company in Dubai set up for the purpose of offering customers a one-stop solution to sell a car in 30 minutes.

When you want to sell your car we understand the tedious process a person goes through. Therefore, we provide a service where we will make you an offer for your vehicle on the spot and pay you instantly.

We offer the following services to car sellers

  • No advertising cost for your car

Spending money on advertising your car will not only result in cost but will take time as well to find the right private buyer. However, when you visit us we will be more than willing to make you an offer on the spot and buy your car from you.

  • Only 30 minutes for a quick sale

Exploring other sales avenues will result in you doing a lot of running around and rescheduling your days to meet the needs of the buyer. With us you are assured of a fast and easy sales process where you come to our location and sell your car in 30 minutes.

  • Competitive price with instant payment

Not all buyers will offer a fair price for your car. A lot of buyers will try to negotiate for a very low price. With us you need not worry about pricing, as we will offer a reasonable price that reflects the current market value of your vehicle.

We will also pay the full amount in cash instantly so you are able to use the money from your car sale straight away.

  • Less paperwork to be filled

When you deal with us you will have to fill out just a single sales agreement and we will handle the rest of the paperwork and ownership transfer. This agreement is a legally binding document that allows us to transfer the ownership at the RTA without you being present. This way you can sell your car to us quickly.

  • No charge for Inspection and valuation

You can get the valuation of your car from our website after you fill in few details. Once you visit our location you don’t need to pay for the physical car inspection that we conduct before moving ahead with the process. offers the best way to sell your car fast in Dubai at the best price.

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