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Scrap my car

Get cash for scrap cars now

Scrapping your car can often be a long and tiring process. Sell Your Motors makes getting cash for scrap cars in the UAE hassle and stress free. We recognise that time is money, so why make the process of scrapping your car time consuming and over complicated? We set ourselves apart from our competitors with our excellent rates and fast response time. Our team of trained experts will guide you through each step of the process, so with us, you’ll know you’re getting your money’s worth and more.

Why should choose to scrap your car with sell your motors?

We make sure you get the best cash for scrap cars

Sell Your Motors will evaluate your car and offer you the most competitive rate based on local recycling centers. This allows us to always offer our customers the best possible cash for scrap cars. Your evaluation will be based on your car model and further help will be available from our trained experts if you require it.

We collect your scrap car from your home

Once you’ve accepted our offer, we will even collect your scrap car from your home. Making the process completely hassle and stress free for our customers. Before we scrap your car, you will need to sign the de-registration documents and cancel your Salik tag.

We do the paperwork for you

When scrapping your car, the last thing you want to do is worry about paperwork! We are authorised by the RTA to complete all the paperwork for our customers. All we require from you is a valid form of identification.

We scrap your car with the latest techniques in car recycling

Sell Your Motors provides environmentally friendly car recycling. We always scrap your car with the latest techniques in car recycling, so all of the harmful materials are properly disposed of.

Customer satisfaction

We provide the best customer service and satisfaction when we scrap your car. Our hassle free and time saving process leaves our customers reassured they made the right choice. So choose to get cash for scrap cars now with Sell Your Motors.

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