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We promise you a safe and easy way to sell your car with us in Dubai. To know what is your car worth, simply enter your car details on our website and we will provide you with an inspection and car valuation. You can then book your appointment and visit us to sell your car in 30 minutes. We buy cars in any condition. Our on-site free inspection by our car experts allows us to offer you a final price and we can complete the deal in 30 minutes.

So you can sell any car in any condition to use and we will offer you the best price in the used car market. To get the best price for your Daewoo visit us today for a hassle free experience.

Founded in 1967 Daewoo was major South Korean conglomerate, however, it was bought by General Motors in 2001. The former company facilities now manufacture vehicles by General Motors to be supplied to Asian markets.

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