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You will get a fair price when you come to us to sell your Jaguar. Our experienced car inspectors will conduct a thorough inspection of your car and we will make you a competitive offer irrespective of its mileage or body condition. If your car has certain features or is a limited edition model, this could fetch you a higher price. Even if your car is old and does not run any more, you can approach us and we will make you an offer for your vehicle. We will buy your car in 30 minutes and handle all the paperwork and ownership transfer.

The Jaguar logo has a great brand recall among the common man. Jaguar Land Rover owns this luxury British brand and is owned by Indian company, Tata Motors since 2008. Set up in the mid-90’s this brand has a penchant for producing luxurious and durable vehicles. The brand is associated with class, luxury and quality.

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