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We can help you sell your Kia car quickly and with little effort. Our business setup allows us to buy your car in 30 minutes and pay you in cash on the spot. We have highly trained Kia car experts who will assist you in the selling process to give you a hassle-free experience. To know the worth of your car, simply enter your details on our site and you will be presented with a price.

You can then book your appointment and visit our location to sell your car. No matter the condition of your car, we will buy any model. You do not have to worry about paperwork and transfers, as we will handle it for you.

Kia has a history of over 70 years and is South Korea’s 2nd largest automobile manufacturer. With great design, quality, build and fuel efficiency, they have become a big name in the industry, and the Kia Motors model reliability was ranked first in 2016.

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