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Given Mitsubishi’s popularity in the UAE, we offer the best prices if you sell your used car with us. When you deal with us, we will provide you a hassle free and quick sales process with paying you cash on the spot in 30 minutes. We will also handle the full transfer process and all legal procedures with RTA. You can check what is your car worth by entering your car details in our website and getting your free inspection and car valuation. After booking an appointment you can visit us for a manual free car inspection and sell your car in a safe and legal way.

Mitsubishi has been manufacturing automobiles for 100 years now and has been a part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance since late 2016. Under the Mitsubishi brand name, the company builds cars, trucks, and wagons. Their cars are affordable and provide good fuel economy and commuting comfort, making them popular name in the market.

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