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If you want to find your Tesla’s car worth, you can simply enter your car details on our website and get your free inspection and car valuation in seconds. We will purchase any Tesla model when you visit us to sell your car. Our smooth and efficient procedure ensures that you spend 30 minutes in the whole car selling process. We take care of all transfer paperwork and legal proceedings while we pay you in cash on the spot. This way you save yourself the trouble of going through the harrowing experience you will face when you try to sell to a private buyer.

Tesla is known for producing electric cars, gaining worldwide acknowledgement with their Roadster sports car model in 2008 and has rapidly grown to become the 2nd largest electric car manufacturer. Their Model S car has become the number 2 selling plug-in automobile falling shortly behind Nissan’s Leaf. Tesla has big plans for the future looking to make their electric cars more acceptable to the public by installing charging stations at regular intervals to ensure a smooth ride.

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