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Are you looking to sell your car fast where you get on the spot? You have come to the right place, as we will buy your car in 30 minutes. We are a car buying company in Dubai that purchases any car in any condition. So if your Volvo is old or has a lot of miles on it, don’t worry, as we will purchase it from you in a hassle-free manner.

When you book your appointment and visit our location, our expert Volvo staff will attend to your car and guide you through the whole process. We also look after all the paperwork and we will transfer the ownership on your behalf in a legal and safe way.

Volvo has a 90-year history of manufacturing cars starting in 1927. As of 2010, it is owned by the Geely Holding Group, a Chinese car manufacturer. Volvo car models comprise of sedan, SUV, station wagons. Their strong sales are due to the quality finish, reliability and fuel efficiency making it a cost effective option in the car market. The focus of Volvo’s future will be on completely electric or hybrid cars in the net few years.

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