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About Us

SellYourMotors is led by a group of competent and diverse directors whose talents lie in a number of relevant disciplines including engineering, law, data sciencne and computer science. The universal approach of the managing team is what makes sellyourmotors such a unique company within the automotive sector. A special focus is placed on excellence and heritage with our backgrounds and fusions creating our unique company identity. With years of experience in the automobile industry, we strive to provide a quick and efficient car selling process to our customers by offering them the best price for their used car in a convenient manner. We understand the needs of a customer wanting to sell their car and our set up allows us to offer them a fast transaction and save time.

We purchase hundreds of cars every year and our expertise allows customers to get the best offer for their vehicle in the used car market. Along the way we have managed to build a solid name in the market as a trusted place to sell your car. By using our website, we are able to provide you with a competitive inspection and car valuation in seconds. When you book your appoint and visit our location, our professionally trained car experts will conduct a free car inspection and assist you in the whole sales process. We provide instant cash for your car so you can be assured you will receive the full payment in 30 minutes. We also take care of all paperwork and legal proceedings so you can save your time and money.

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The below services we provide have helped us to be a trusted name in the market:

Professional Team

When you visit us, you will experience an easy process, as our team knows their cars, which help them to make the process swift and efficient. They are present to answer all your queries and assist you in making an informed decision to sell your car.

Competitive Price

Right from the inspection and car valuation till the time you sell your car with us, we provide a competitive and fair price for your car in the used car market. Our system is constantly updated to give you the best possible price based on our AI powered system that generates fair and accurate prices. Our auction system also ensures the most competitive offers are given to you.

Free Car Inspection

When you visit us or we visit you, our trained staff will conduct a free car inspection before we give you our final offer. The thorough inspection ensures the best price will be offered for your car and you can also purchase the report if you chose not to sell your car to us. You just need to enter your car details into our website to start the process of selling your car with us.

Safe Transaction Process

We hold customer privacy in high regard. Right from the time you visit our website till the sale is completed, you can be assured the whole process is conducted in a safe, legal, and secure manner.