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Following are the terms and conditions to understand the use of

this website and the process to sell your car.

Assumptions about your car

The valuation amount you receive on our website is based on the details entered by you and on the below assumptions made by us at the time of valuation.

  • There are no technical modifications or bodywork done to the car
  • Your car runs smoothly and is not a non-runner
  • No mechanical fault, damage, or accident has occurred with the car
  • The car is not used as a private taxi, or for rental or hire purpose
  • The car has GCC specifications and is not an import

Every vehicle goes through wear and tear and we assume there are no major technical/mechanical failures.

Car Valuation Online

The valuation quote is an estimate of the car details entered by you into the website. Please note that this price is subject to change based on manual on-site inspection or any technical issues with the website. The quote you receive from our car expert at the location will be the final price for your vehicle.

Manual On-site Inspection

Our experts will conduct a physical vehicle inspection when you bring your car to our location. The price offered after inspection will be the final price taking into account the vehicle history, condition and its features. In case your car is a non-starter or has excessive damage, or does not comply with the specifications of the region, we are not obliged to make you an offer, or the price that we quote will be different from the online valuation on our website.

What We Offer

If you’re looking to sell your car in Dubai, we provide a professional and smooth service in 30 minutes. We will handle the entire process right from inspection to transferring the car out of your name. Once you agree to the final price offered after the physical car inspection at our location, all you are required to do is sign the agreement and walk away with cash on the spot.

Quoting a Final Offer For Your Car

After manually inspecting the car and gathering additional information from you regarding the condition, we will offer you a final price, which will be valid for the day. However, due to constant changes in the car market prices, you will not be able to accept our offer after the day of inspection. We may need to conduct another inspection and a new price will be offered to you for your vehicle, which could be different from the initial price offered.

Signing the Purchase Contract/Agreement

Once the final offer has been made to you and you agree to the price, you will then have to sign an agreement with us to complete the deal. If the price offered to you is not within your range, you are free to decline signing the agreement.Once the contract/agreement has been signed it is legally binding. We will honor the price offered to you after the contract has been signed, however, if we find additional faults with the vehicle which went unnoticed at time of inspection, or if we find out you deliberately held back information about the vehicle at the time of signing the contract, then we reserve the right to withdraw the offer made.

Type of Payment

Our standard payment is bank transfer or cash in hand for selling your car. Please note, it could take up to 48 hours for any UAE banks and may take a little longer for international banks, however bank transfers typically take a few hours to reach your account. We do not take responsibility if your payment is delayed due to bank administration.

Privacy Policy

Sellyourmotors.com is committed to protecting your privacy. You will be required to provide your information for the purpose of identifying your appointment schedule.We will not disclose your personal information to any unauthorized person; however, we may provide the information to business partners, agents, vendors and other authorized people whom we work with.We reserve the right to make changes/amendments to the policy on this page. You may check this page to see if any changes have been made.


Cookies are used to collect visitor behavioral patterns for the website. This helps us to analyze incoming traffic to the site, thereby allowing us to identify useful web pages and to improve website functionality according to visitor behavioral needs.A cookie does not provide us with access to your computer or any other additional personal information other than the information shared by you on our site.

Feedback or Queries

Any feedback/queries you may have, can be sent directly to info@sellyourmotors.com Before you make an appointment, we request you to please read the above terms and conditions thoroughly. The above terms and conditions are governed and construed in accordance with UAE law and are subject to the jurisdiction of UAE courts.

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Getting a great deal on your motor here in Dubai can often be time consuming and tricky. At Sell Your Motors we will value your vehicle for free based on its current condition, both fairly and competitvely and give you a no obligation offer.

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