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Why you should consider an alternative to car dealerships

Trying to sell my car in the saturated Dubai car market where buyers are spoiled for choice can be quite challenging. Many sellers opt out of doing the hard work that comes with selling a car privately, and honestly that is completely understandable. With such stiff competition out there it makes sense to choose the path of least resistance when it comes to selling your vehicle.

For that reason, quite a few sellers choose to contact used car dealerships in Dubai, offering the dealer the option to buy their vehicles outright. Sellers choose to do this because it is most definitely a less time consuming process than conducting the sale privately.

But, have you ever considered working with a professional car buyerthat has years of experience and knows the auto market in Dubai inside out? You will get the same benefits you would if selling outright to a dealership, but with the added benefit of exceptional service like no other!

Why are we so confident that our service is superior?

Well, we can guarantee you our undivided attention because our focus is solely on our sales clients.

If you choose to sell to a car dealer in Dubai you have to understand that their primary objective will always be sales, not purchasing. That’s not the case when you come to Sell Your Motors! Our only goal is to buy your car from you as quickly and as efficiently as possible, and at a fair price.

You will notice that if you’re trying to make an appointment with a car trader in Dubai you might struggle to get in touch with them. That’s because dealers are often on the showroom floor negotiating with buyers, or taking them out to test drive vehicles. We assure you that you won’t have that experience if you choose to sell any car to us, a trusted professional buyer in the UAE used car market.

Used car dealers in Dubai

Used car dealerships won’t always make you an offer

Now that we’ve got you thinking about trying to work with an expert car buying company like Sell Your Motors let’s explore a few of the other benefits that go along with coming to us, instead of going to used car dealers in Dubai.

Firstly, we will make an offer on any car you’re trying to sell. If you’re selling, we’re most definitely interested in buying!

That’s not always the case with car dealers in Dubai. You might find that they’re not interested in the make or model that you’re selling because many used car dealerships in Dubai specialize in selling certain types of vehicles. That most definitely won’t apply when you sell to us!

And even if that is not the case you might still find that the dealer isn’t necessarily interested in your vehicle. Why is that? Well, even the best used car dealers in Dubai only have a limited amount of space available in their showrooms. If there are too many vehicles similar to the one you are trying to sell the dealer might not be interested at all. Or, they could choose to make a low offer because the demand for your car isn’t high at their dealership.

Some of the smaller dealers might also have limited space in their workshop areas where they get cars ready for sale, which could be another reason that they choose not to buy your vehicle. Auto repairs can take time and, with many spare parts also having to be readily available on site, it’s no wonder that they can be short on space sometimes.

You might also find that dealers aren’t interested in acquiring vehiclesthat still have outstanding loans on them. It is one of the biggest reasons they don’t want to make an offer on a vehicle. That also won’t be a problem with us, because we are happy to buy financed cars and deal with the bank for you too!

A used car dealership’s price isn’t always that attractive

The no.1 reason most people recommend not going to a dealership is the price. If you do a simple Google search on the pros and cons of selling your vehicle to a dealership versus selling it privately that is what you will find. And we won’t disagree that a private sell might fetch you the highest price possible for your car. That’s if you know your stuff and you’re ready to deal with those savvy buyers who really know their way around the auto market in Dubai!

But, if you’re reading this you are probably seriously considering visiting one of the many used car dealers in UAE rather than going it alone. We understand. Convenience is a currency all on its own! So we want to urge you to consider a convenient way to sell that will also give you a good price for your used car your used car!

Have you ever considered that a car dealer will actually probably be one of the savviest buyers you ever come face to face with? Even more so than a private buyer, Why? Because they know the UAE car market inside out. That means they can easily negotiate your vehicle price down based on their insider knowledge about your exact type of vehicle as well as what sells on their floor.

So if you want to sell your car to a dealer we recommend that you make sure you truly know which exact car you’re offering them. That might seem like a strange statement, but remember that there are so many different variants of car makes and models out there. You need to know exactly which derivative you are selling to make sure you are able to actually know your car’s value. And ultimately bargain for a better offer.

Remember, when you sell to a car dealer in Dubai they will also need to spend money on your vehicle to get it ready for the showroom floor. Plus, the dealer fee also comes into play, and ultimately the price they offer you will need to account for these costs as well. Are you starting to understand why you might not get the best offer from a used car dealership?

But if it is convenience you’re looking for we have some fantastic news! Sell Your Motors is not a dealership so all of those costs don’t factor in when it comes to our vehicle pricing. You will secure a better offer than you would from a used car dealership in Dubai without the hassle that comes along with a private sale.

Sell Your Motors vs any Car Dealer in Dubai

How can we be so sure you will be satisfied if you choose to come to us instead of going to one of the well-known car dealers in the UAE? Well, we’re certain that you will be more than satisfied dealing with us because we know our own high standard of service, and because over the years we’ve sent home many happy customers to enjoy their car cash paymentsjust minutes after they arrive at our offices.

We most definitely offer our customers the convenience of a quick sales process without the added hassle of long-winded price negotiations. Still not so sure about coming to us instead of visiting a reputable car dealer in Dubai? Why don’t you complete ourcar valuation in Dubai and get an idea of what price we can offer you for your vehicle?

You won’t have to call us because we believe in personal service, so we’ll call you to discuss the preliminary price as well as to book an appointment if you’re interested in bringing your car for an inspection.

The Dubai used car marketis definitely incredibly competitive. It might just be time to try a new way to sell that you hadn’t considered before! It could really pay off big time!

When the time comes to sell your next vehicle we certainly hope you choose to get in touch with us, a well-known team of experts in the auto market in Dubai!

6 FAQ’s about our business

How do I know I can trust you?

We’ve built up a solid reputation as professional car buyers over the years, and your business is important to us. We would never do anything to jeopardize our good name.

How long does the online valuation take?

It only takes a few minutes. Before you sit down at your computer just make sure you know the most important details about your car, like its mileage and year.

How long does the inspection take?

Your car inspection will be conducted by one of our in-house specialists in under 30 minutes, so it won’t take much time out of your day.

Am I obligated to sell to you after my car inspection?

No, you are under no obligation to accept once we make you an offer. The inspection is offered completely free of charge. Whether you accept or reject our immediate cash offer is up to you.

Why should I sell to you vs other car buyers?

We believe our professional service, the safety and convenience of the process, as well as the fast payment makes us the obvious choice.

How do I know your price is fair?

Your offer will be based on the model of your car, its age and overall condition. Our experts also stay up to date with the current value of vehicles.