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Could it be time to scrap my car?

Sometimes it’s very obvious that the time has come to start exploring the different scrap sell my car in Dubai. And sometimes it’s not all that clear. Just when do you know that it’s actually time to scrap your car? And how do you actually go about doing it?

Times you clearly need to scrap your car:

If the engine isn’t functional anymore After a bad accident that leaves the car unsafe and therefore unsuitable for use

If the car is completely run-down and starting to rust

We can all agree that in situations like these the time has come to sell my car for scrap!

But, every now and then there are more complex situations where you’re not 100% sure if you’re making the right decision. And you may find it quite stressful even thinking about making contact with the scrap buyers in Dubai.

Perhaps you recently visited a mechanic who informed you that the cost of repairing your car will be too high. Basically it will cost you more to fix the vehicle up enough to be able to drive it, than the car is actually worth. If that’s happened to you, we can confirm that it’s definitely a good time to start looking into selling a car for scrap!

The problem is that you can’t always be sure of the quote given to you by a mechanic. This means you end up phoning and driving around, trying to get a second, or even third, opinion to confirm whether this is accurate. Could you possibly get more for your car than just the price scrap metal would fetch? That’s where Sell Your Motors comes in.

You can trust that we will conduct a careful inspection when you visit us to sell a car for scrap. That means that we will offer you a fair price for the vehicle.

Scrap car buyers in UAE

Sell a car for scrap painlessly

But why should I not take the traditional route when I scrap my car? I’m sure the junkyard would also be interested in my vehicle.

We could excuse you for thinking that selling your vehicle to a junkyard might be one of the easiest ways to cash your car UAE" . Trust us when we say that it’s definitely not the most convenient or financially savvy way to dispose of your unwanted vehicle. Working with professional scrap car buyers in Dubai like ourselves most definitely has some benefits.

If you’ve never visited a scrapyard before, don’t start now

Visiting a scrapyard is not a particularly pleasant experience in itself. Not only are they eyesores, but they’re pretty smelly as well. It’s not the best way to spend an afternoon!

Scrapyards deal in metal

Your old car is just a piece of metal to them. That’s not the case at Sell Your Motors! We still base our evaluation on the vehicle itself. We look at what make and model of the car is because we know that salvage cars in Dubai are still more valuable than just the metal they’re made of. So you can be assured that we will offer you a much better deal!

No long-winded price negotiations

Dealing with us is straightforward. Our prices are based on our years of experience in the automotive industry, so you can trust you will be getting the best deal possible from us.

Location, location, location

There is no need to drive to a part of the city you might now know that well, or have never wanted to visit. Our offices are centrally-located and easy to find.

And did we mention we work fast?

You will follow the same stress-free process you would if you were selling any used car when you sell a car for scrap. This means you just complete the four easy steps required to sell a car to us, and you can secure a fantastic offer on your scrap car in minutes!

That’s why you actually owe it to yourself to come to the best scrap car buyers in Dubai.

Sell a car for scrap the right way

Did you know that you could be adding to the world’s pollution if you scrap your car the wrong way? Pollution from illegal scrapyards result in harmful toxins and heavy metals leaching into the ground. Add to that all of the tons of brake fluid and oil as well as dumped old tyres lying around and polluting the area in a standard scrap yard, and it’s no surprise that these sites can be incredibly harmful to the natural environment.

But if you choose to bring your old car to the best scrap buyers in Dubai (you know who we’re talking about) then you don’t need to worry about disposing of it in an environmentally friendly way. Why? Because at Sell Your Motors we will recycle your damaged car. We make use of the latest techniques in car recycling so you can rest assured that all of the harmful materials are properly disposed of.

We honestly don’t blame people for being intimidated when they think about getting rid of their junk cars. We completely understand if you’re not really feeling up to the task when you sit down and think about what actually goes into dealing with a junkyard to scrap a car.

If you’re wondering whether getting paid out for an old car is worth the amount of personal time this process could take up, we are here to tell you that it’s definitely worth it, but only when you’re smart about how you do it!

First of all, it’s always good getting a bit of money for something you no longer use! Secondly, did you know that having a run-down car parked somewhere on your property could end up devaluing it? Yes, it’s true! Your old vehicle could negatively impact the price you could fetch for your home one day. If that’s not a great reason to get rid of it, we don’t know what is!

So, instead of leaving your old car sitting in the driveway why don’t you take a few minutes to get in touch and see what we can do for you quickly?

By now we’re pretty sure you’re thinking “I really need to scrap my car”. Rest assured that all damaged cars for sale in Dubai are welcome at Sell Your Motors.

Why we’re confident we’re the finest scrap car buyers in Dubai

The actual process related to selling your car for scrap should honestly be pretty straightforward. All you really need to do is find the right company to dispose of it, because when you get rid of your old vehicle the law requires you to do it in a responsible manner. This means you have to go to an approved car recycler who can issue a certificate of destruction.

What you might not know is that, before you even get there, you need to ensure that you deregister your car. This will entail a visit to the Roads and Transport Authority.

Does that mean I will have to spend lots of time completing paperwork and waiting in a queue to scrap my car?

Yes, if you choose not to work with Sell Your Motors - a team of professional scrap car buyers in Dubai, you could end up wasting hours of your valuable time completing the necessary paperwork!

Of course the paperwork does still need to get done. But that’s where we come in. We take care of all of the paperwork for you. Sell Your Motors is authorized by the RTA, which allows us to provide this useful service to you.

So let’s take a quick look at the reasons all scrap cars for sale in the city should come to us:

• Our sales process is quick and easy

• Our years of experience ensure you get the best deal for your old vehicle

• Our friendly team will help you cut through all the red tape by completing the paperwork for you

•Our disposal techniques are environmentally friendly

• Our reputation speaks for itself- Our team will even collect your scrap car from its parking space (we do realize you might not be able to drive it to us)

Make use of our simple car disposal service and save yourself all the stress that could go along with disposing of an unwanted vehicle.

And then congratulate yourself for scrapping your car in the most convenient way possible!

6 FAQs about scrap car buying in UAE

Could it cost me money to scrap my car?

Not if you come to Sell Your Motors. There are paid car scrapping services out there that will also issue you a certificate of destruction, but we will do the same. And in fact, you will make money with us.

What do I need to do when scrapping my car?

You will be required to sign de-registration documents before your car can be scrapped. You will also need to cancel your Salik tag.

What documentation will be required?

Please bring in a valid form of ID. If you are not a resident, you can bring your original passport containing your valid visa. We will also need your car registration card.

Can I bring in my scrap car if it is no longer insured?

We will still make an offer on your uninsured car, however if it is no longer insured we will need to fetch the car from your premises as you won’t be allowed to drive it.

What if I lost my keys?

This will not affect whether we want to buy your car or not. We will still make you a fair offer, even though we would prefer to take possession of the keys too.

Can I remove parts from my car before you take ownership?

Please note that removing car parts will affect the final price we are able to offer you as our offer is based on the complete car.